Working with business stakeholers is difficult. We have our softwere view and they have their business view on things. That makes it difficult to get good results from our meetings with them.

And yet, getting good results from such meetings is so important. Without that, your chances of developing the software they really need are so small.

This is what Sundblad Software Academy is all about. We have been working in the IT field since the late 1980s. We have always insisted that the structure of the software you design must align to the structure of the business it's meant to support. To achieve that, you must understand the structure of the business. That's why it's so important to get great results from business stakeholder meetings.

Ever since 2004 we have designed courses, methods and some tools to achieve that. It was easier in the old, extint waterfall days. It does not seem so easy in our modern agile environment, but it can be. And it's not less important now! Given the rate and speed in which businesses change their ways, it has never been even closely as important as it is now.

But you need the skills for it. You need the methods for it. And you need the tools for it. Both for creating business views of the work to be done and for designing software that is aligned to these views.

And all that is exactly what you can get from us. Everything we do is for giving you that. Every lesson in our courses or seminars is about that. Every step in our 9-step Formula for Software Product Excellence is meant for that. Every feature in the Agility Enhancer is meant for that.